Welcome to Code for Cognitive Aid!

I think every activist is aware of the great lack of diversity within the STEM field. A group of high schoolers are hosting a hackathon called Code for Cognitive Aid (July 13-15, Bay Area) to help spark minority interest in computer science. If you’re a female, racial minority, or LGBT+, we hope you will see this opportunity we have created and come! You don’t have to be an expert in STEM to attend; it’s a great activity for beginners to just come, network, and see some of the great things that can be accomplished (and that YOU can accomplish) with STEM. Come for a weekend, have a great time, and win prizes for what you make!


Code for Cognitive Aid is a free hack-a-thon/make-a-thon held by a nonprofit Woodside Priory robotics group, the Ramen Club, whose website can be seen here.  (The Ramen Club is not affiliated with the Woodside Priory school in any way other than that is where the students attend).  As this program is both a hack-a-thon and make-a-thon, people will be able to pursue and develop their interests in coding or manufacturing (or both!) during their time here.

The theme of this hack-a-thon/make-a-thon is Code for Cognitive Aid, where participants are developing a program or device that can be used to somehow assist those with cognitive disabilities.

The Flyer for the event can be viewed at the given link.

For more info, see the FAQ page.  To register, see the Register page.

We hope you join us in the fight to empower those with cognitive disabilities!