What is Code for Cognitive Aid?

Code for Cognitive Aid is a 3 night, 2 day hackathon and makeathon where participants will either group into teams or will either work individually to combat cognitive disabilities through code and/or hardware.

Do participants need to have coding experience?

No, they do not! There will be lots of coders there if they want to team up, we can teach them basic coding, or if they do not wish to learn coding at this time, we can teach them how coding works so they can write basic “pseudocode” (stating what the code is supposed to do/look like, non-formal code) and we can write the code for them.

We’re working on setting up a beginning workshop at or before the event for participants new to hackathons or coding.

Of course, if they don’t want to use coding at all, they can always design a piece and we can help them build it out of wood or perhaps 3D print it.

What supplies will be provided?

Various building materials will be provided for you to use during the makeathon to build hardware. We ask that you bring a laptop (ideally fully charged) and a power outlet if you need it. We will have a limited number of extra laptops however if you cannot bring your laptop to the event, or don’t have one.

What is a Makeathon and what is a Hackathon?

A makeathon is where participants invent hardware something to solve a problem, where as a hackathon is where participants code something to solve a problem, both in a limited time. For this makeathon and hackathon, participants will code/invent hardware to help or otherwise better the lives of cognitively disabled/impaired people.

Will Food be provided?

Food will be available to purchase at the event, for your convenience, with the prices being the same as purchase price.